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Notebook and Pen

Published Work

Image by Michael Odelberth

The Bar at the End of the World

The Librarian Anthology - Air and Nothingness Press

"It’s been three centuries since he left."

[Link TBD - coming Fall 2022]

Image by Laura Ockel


Spirit Machine Anthology - Air and Nothingness Press

"Science is more predictable than magic."

Image by Ben Blennerhassett

Always the Realist

The Centrifictionist Vol 2, Fall/Winter

"When my sister dropped out of school to pursue music, my parents said she was ruining her life."



Rock Band Anthology - Ghost Orchid Press 

"They say it takes a lifetime to build trust and only a second to destroy it all."

Hand in Water

Sea Witch

The Deep Anthology - Ghost Orchid Press

"It was early autumn when the terror took our town."

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