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Waverly X. Night

welcome to my in-between


About Me

Welcome to my little in-between!

My name is Waverly. If you read the books your English teachers told you to, you might know I was named after a character from Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club. If you were a tween around the same time I was, you might ask me if I am a wizard or if I know the hat song. Yes and reluctantly, yes.


 I am a writer, a dreamer, an mermaid, a cosplayer, an artist, and a marauder of emotions. I am a girl-shaped container of words and stories. I buy too many art supplies and destroy my floors with them on a regular basis. I like metaphors and strawberries. I play videogames and like to play dress up, especially with fins. 


Welcome to my little in-between. It's not grand, and I really should probably clean up more than I do, but I’ll try my best to make sure there will always be an extra blanket on cold nights and a good selection of tea in the pantry.


Enjoy your stay!

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